Rubrika: <span>Scale Models – 3D Printed tools</span>

I decided to make my own 3D design of Landing Light, because the one in the kit was badly moulded and its details were blurred. The new part is much more crisp and better detailed.


The light was sprayed with MRP Surfacer and painted with MRP GLOSS BLACK and 003 Super Silver. “Glass” was made from Nail Top Coat UV Gel applied inside the cone and consequently hardened with UV light. This gel is unbelievably clear and if applied carefully you can even form lens shape on the top!

CAUTION: source of UV light usually produce some heat so I recommend to cure the gel in a few 10 seconds intervals.

Note: the wooden roller in the bottom part of the reflector was used for automatic retraction of the landing light by moving landing gear struts.

Scale Models - 3D Printed tools


Have you ever turned over some of these narrow & tall bottles on your workbench? Well, I did, and not only one time. So I finally decided to stop this kind of catastrophes and designed simple stands for different kinds of bottles. Each stand can hold two bottles – in my experience it is the best amount – holder for only one bottle is insufficient and for three is too much. As always you can download .3mf files for free. Happy modeling.

Také jste si už někdy převrhli některou z těch vysokých úzkých lahviček na vašem modelářském stole? Já ano, a ne jednou! Proto jsem si navrhl a vytiskl takovéto jednoduché stojánky, každý pro dvě lahvičky stejného typu. Dvě jsou podle mne tak akorát - držák pouze pro jednu je málo a pro tři už většinou moc. Koneckonců, vždy si můžete vytisknout více stojánků stejného typu, pokud nestačí pro dvě lahvičky. Jako vždy, .3mf je k dispozici zdarma ke stažení - odkaz v úvodu článku. Tak ať Vám to modelaří!

Scale Models - 3D Printed tools

3D printed disposable palette for CA glue.
Designed to easily hold small amount of different types of CA glues.


Scale Models - 3D Printed tools