Autor: <span>Pavel Š.</span>

This Spit is built just straight from the box. All gaps were filled with black superglue. “Canvas covers” of the gun holes in the leading edge were made from TAMYA masking tape and the holes were made with the help of “Punch and Die” set – I made 1 mm hole.

Omask Plugs were used to mask wheel wells:

Then the kit was then locally airbrushed with MRP Grey Surfacer (there is already airbrushed “Sky Blue” ID band on the rear fuselage- I used RLM76 (AK RC 321) for it is very similar to that pale Sky Blue color):

Scale Models

Natural Metal Finish (NMF)

  1. Surfacer Gunze Black 1500
  2. Gloss Black: Gunze C2 + Levelling thinner, ratio 7:10
  3. Base metal: MRP-003 + Mr.Hobby SM205 (Titan) + Levelling thinner, ratio (3:1:1)
  4. Light panels: MRP-146 (Dark Alum.) + MRP-008 (Duraluminium) , ratio 2:1
  5. Darker panels: MRP-146 + MRP-008, ratio 1:1
  6. Panel around the exhausts: MRP-030 Steel
  7. Leading edges of the tail surfaces: SM205 Titan
  8. Wings: MRP-128 (similar to Gunze C8)
  9. Patina 1st level: more diluted MRP-008 speayed around panel lines and irregularly inside some panels
  10. Patina 2nd level: Gunze C101 Smoke Gray-Gloss around the most dirty and exposed areas like wing roots etc.

Olive Drab anti-glare panel: AK RC025 (Dark OD) + RC023 (OD) + RC019 (DeckTan), ratio 3:2:1

Red: AK RC005 (Signal Red) + RC006 (Red), ratio 2:1, sprayed over pink base coat (pink is better option then the white base for the red paint because it does not leave white edges around masking tape)

Note: bubble canopy here is the spare part used only for the masking purpose

Scale Models

RAF Grey-Green for cockpit: TAMIYA XF-76 + XF-71 ratio 2:1
(may be next time I try 3:1 to achieve a bit more lighter tone)
Lights for Grey-Green: AK 3rd Gen acrylics AK11016 (Grey-Green) + AK11032 (Pale Sand) + AK11309 (Olive Grün)
Seat: AK 3rd Gen acrylics AK11104 (Saddle Brown) + AK11330 (Rot Brown) + AK11119 (Cork) ratio 3:1:1
Seat backrest padding: AK11027 (Rubber Black)
Head rest: AK11109 (Dark Brown)
Black details: AK11136 (NATO Black) + AK11316 (Dunkel Grau) ratio 1:1
Final coat: MRP Semimatt varnish

Scale Models