1:48 Fw 190 A-8/R2

Kit: 1?48 EDUARD kit no. 82145

Build in 2024

Variant A-8/R2 is the famous “Sturmbock” variant of Kurt Tank’s Wurger. R2 stands for “Rüstsätze”, i.e. field modification kit. This R2 kit replaced the outer wing 20 mm cannons with the 30 mm MK 108 cannons while fuselage MGs were removed. The cockpit sides were protected with additional armour and bullet proof glass was added to both sides of the cockpit canopy.

My model represents personal aircraft of Hans Weik, Staffelkapitän of 10./JG 3:

Weik was badly wounded while flying this machine (W.Nr. 680 747) against B-17s near Memmingen on 18 July 1944. Consequently he was awarded the Ritterkreuz for 36 victories on 27 July. In April 1945, Weik was transferred to III./ EJG 2 at Lechfeld to train on the Me 262 jet fighter.

Brassin Wheels (EDURAD no. 648 150)
Brassin Exhausts (EDURAD no. 648381)
Brassin Drop Tank
Brassin Propeller (EDURAD no. 648366) – only propeller cone was used
T-Face Canopy Mask (EDURAD no. EX587)
MODEL MASTER barrels for 20 mm and 30 mm.
Masks for some parts of markings (omask.cz)

RLM 74: TAM XF-24 (Dark Grey) + XF-27 (Black Green) + XF-2 (White) + XF-55 (Deck Tan), ratio 4:2:3:1
RLM 75: TAM XF-24 (Dark Grey) + XF-50 (Field Blue) + XF-2 (White) + XF-7 (Red), ratio 1:1:3:1
RLM 76: AK RC 231 (RLM 76 ver.2)
Black: AK RC 327 (Flat Black) + RC 004 (Flat White), ratio 4:1
Red: AK RC 006
Exhaust burnt stains: TAM XF-55 Deck Tan
Weathering dirt: TAM XF-1 (Black) + XF-64 (Red Brown), ratio 3:2 diluted heavily with IPA

Note 1: Next time I won’t use Deck Tan for RLM 74 mix to achieve less saturated tone of Grey Green and I am going to use less red for RLM 75 mix to achieve not so prominent violet shade.

Note 2: I chose TAMIYA brand for the upper colours because of the intention to create very soft edge patches on the sides and the tail. TAMIYA’s pigment is the finest one I know and if diluted with IPA it easily gets the desired result.

WIP gallery airbrush work:

WIP gallery cockpit: