Štítek: <span>stand</span>

Another 3D printed stand – this one is for the two tiny Tamiya glass bottles. I use empty ones as a convenient storage for the Accelerator and Debonder (hence different colours of TAMIAY stars on the lids). The stand helps me not only to prevent the liquid from being spilled out but also allows me to unscrew the bottles with only one hand (that is really handy if you hold the tweezer with a tiny part in one hand and want to use the liquid). Microbrush apllicator is used for liquid distribution to desired spot.


Scale Models - 3D Printed tools

This post is the first of the new series of articles featuring 3D Printed tools and work aids for modeller’s bench. All of them are my own construction designed in Fusion 360 and printed on Creality Ender 3 V2 printer. You can download .3mf files for free to print it for yourself.


The Oilbrusher stand has 3 parts. But you can use only one part if you don’t have so many Oilbrushers. No glue is necessary, all you have to do is put all pieces together. But I recommend to glue them together to get strong one piece stand.

Scale Models - 3D Printed tools