Štítek: <span>NMF</span>

Natural Metal Finish (NMF)

  1. Surfacer Gunze Black 1500
  2. Gloss Black: Gunze C2 + Levelling thinner, ratio 7:10
  3. Base metal: MRP-003 + Mr.Hobby SM205 (Titan) + Levelling thinner, ratio (3:1:1)
  4. Light panels: MRP-146 (Dark Alum.) + MRP-008 (Duraluminium) , ratio 2:1
  5. Darker panels: MRP-146 + MRP-008, ratio 1:1
  6. Panel around the exhausts: MRP-030 Steel
  7. Leading edges of the tail surfaces: SM205 Titan
  8. Wings: MRP-128 (similar to Gunze C8)
  9. Patina 1st level: more diluted MRP-008 speayed around panel lines and irregularly inside some panels
  10. Patina 2nd level: Gunze C101 Smoke Gray-Gloss around the most dirty and exposed areas like wing roots etc.

Olive Drab anti-glare panel: AK RC025 (Dark OD) + RC023 (OD) + RC019 (DeckTan), ratio 3:2:1

Red: AK RC005 (Signal Red) + RC006 (Red), ratio 2:1, sprayed over pink base coat (pink is better option then the white base for the red paint because it does not leave white edges around masking tape)

Note: bubble canopy here is the spare part used only for the masking purpose

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