Štítek: <span>P-51D Mustang</span>

This P-51D cockpit is entirely out of the box except yellow cushion on the seat made of TAMIYA EPOXY PUTTY and PE instrument panel. The floor on the real Mustangs was made of wood and painted with black anti-slip colour. This colour became usually very soon heavily worn up. To simulate this effect I used AMMO Scratches Effect (this is the weaker one from the two different agents available from AMMO) and a cheap very stiff brush with trimmed tip.

Step 1: two different tones of brown colour (AK RC) were sprayed as the basic cover to simulate wood layer

Step 2: Two thin coats of the chipping fluid was sprayed

Step 3: Thin layer of TAMIYA NATO Black diluted with X-20A thinner was unevenly sprayed (with even more thin layer over the place I intended to scratch later)

Step 4: With the help of the water and the stiff brush I very carefully and with a light hand made scratches in the forward/backward direction (the same as the pilot’s feet were moving while steering the plane with the rudder pedals).

Finished cockpit photos:

Scale Models

Two quick shots from my workbench:

EDUARD keeps poor modeller busy with P-51 surface details :-)
But using excellent LOCTITE 480 Black Glue the filling is not so hard task.

Well, not the exact representation of the reality but with a few 0.3 mm soldering wires
wheel wells looks now IMHO a little bit better than the empty ones…

Scale Models

Povedené 18 min dlouhé video ve kterém autor názorně pomocí 3D renederování vysvětluje funčnost jednotlivých systémů letounu včetně popisu ovládacích prvků v kokpitu.

A pro srovnání s reálným letounem nabízím trojici videí od Kermita Weekse: