There was an option for pilots to add ferry pack under the canopy hood to have some small space for personal things during transfers. My P-51D “Ridge Runner III” seems to had the ferry pack installed on it’s last mission on 18. April 1945. While strafing Kbely airfiled in the Czechoslovakia, Pierce McKennon’s Ridge Runner was hit into the canopy and broken pesrpex pieces wounded pilot’s eye. The canopy was photographed after the successfull landing.

From the photo above it’s evident that the ferry pack is installed. Next photo shows the empty ferry pack installed on the unknown Mustang:

Remaining photos shows my scratchbuilt empty ferry pack in 1:48 scale:

Scale Models

EDUARD’s Mustang day – 6/2024
Líně airfield near PLZEŇ, Czech Republic

Warbirds today

Airbrush work only, no varnish yet…

White: MRP-135 Insiugnia White
Yellow: MRP-122 Marking Yellow
Red: MRP-411 Hinomaru Red
Blue: MRP-124 Marking Blue
Code letters: AK RC 289 RAF Medium Sea Grey + RC 004 White, ratio 1:1
SkyBlue tail band: AK RC 321 RLM 76 version 2

Dark Earth: RC 287 + RC222, ratio 3:1
Dark Earth lights: + add more RC 222

Dark Green: TAMIYA XF-51 + XF-13 + XF-4, ratio 5:1:4
Dark Green lights: + add XF-78

Sky: TAMIYA XF-21 + RC 290 + RC 222, ratio 2:1:3
Sky lights: + add more RC 222

Wauchop’s mix: XF-2 Black + XF-64 Red Brown, ratio 3:2 (heavily diluted)
Exhaust stains: XF-55 Deck Tan

Scale Models