1:48 P-51D-10 Mustang – construction

This kit was not an easy build. There is a lot of curves and many parts, though very precisely moulded, need often a little of sanding and rivets repairing along the joints. Some little filling is necessary from time to time.

  1. Three covers in the bottom nose section had to be filled and one more engraved for D-10 version.
  2. New cover on the belly scope was added from aluminum sheet.
  3. Guns sections in the kit do not fit precisely into the wings. Problem stems mainly from it’s profile that is more narrow than the profile of the wing, so some tedious filling, sanding and lines engraving was necessary.

TIP: before gluing the wings halves I masked ejection holes of the machine guns so that it won’t be filled with metal paint later. The masking will be removed after the painting process is finished.

4. The ventilation covers on the both sides of the engine cowling (without perforation for this machine) are larger than the moulded holes in the fuselage halves, so some trimming was necessary before gluing it.
5. 0,5 mm strip of the white plastic was added to fill the gap between windscreen and canopy rails.

6. Mounting plates for the antennas of the tail warning radar were scratchbuilt from the aluminium foil and riveted with needle.
7. New clear ID light on the upper fuselage joint was made from hot clear plastic rod pushed through the hole in the metal sheet (hole shape was tear like).

8. Coloured ID lights on the bottom side of the right wing were painted with TAMIYA Clear enamel paints and masked with 1.6 mm diameter circles cut from masking tape (I used Punch and Die set to do it quickly and precisely)

9. 108 gal paper drop tanks from EDUARD’s Brassin set were equipped with fuel and bleeding lines made from copper wires.

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