1:48 A6M2 Zero – WIP – Engine Cowling

My goal was not a heavy chipped surface but instead a lightly worn out Zero cowling.

Engine cowling painting STEP-BY-STEP
1. MRP Black surfacer
2. Exhausts sprayed with AMMO A-STAND Engine manifold and masked
3. Gunze Super Stainless 2 (SM-204)
4. AMMO Scratches Effect – 2 thin layers
5. Blue-Black: AK RC327 (Black) + RC327 (RLM 83) + RC222 (Insignia White) – ratio 6:2:3
6. Shadows: AK RC327 (Black) + RC327 (RLM 83) – ratio 3:1
7. Scratching: MRP needle used over moistened surface. The key is not to overdone the effect and work in a tiny areas with a very pointed tool. A word of caution though: it is very easy to scratch through the silver to plastic with a tool like this so be a very very light handed.
8. Misted with MRP Semi-matt varnish
9. Oil Medium grey over some of the rivets, pure black over others. After the thinner evaporates excess removed with paper towel.
10. Diluted oil Winsor & Newton Raw Umber applied over scratches and then blended with dry brush.
11. Weathering exhausts: touched with oil Abteilung 502 Smoke and blended with drybrush.

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