DCS: (1) Open Beta update 2021-10

DCS Open Beta

  • ME. Added indication of the Sun and Moon phases. Added a slider to quickly set the time of day.
  • ME. The Draw Tool has been added to annotate missions created in the Mission Editor. This includes lines, polygons, text, and icons.

DCS: Mosquito FB VI by Eagle Dynamics

  • Engine sounds update.
  • Added kneeboard images.
  • Improvement to parameters of T1154/R1155.
  • Added visible internal structure to wings when damaged.
  • Fix to unwanted movements to and from gunsight when the airplane experiences electrical issues.
  • Fix to the engine cut-out controls.
  • Cut-out controls are spring-loaded now.
  • Airplane now starts with the RPM lever full forward.
  • Improvements to the 3D model of cockpit:
    • added realtime reflections.
    • fixed stick control rods animation.
    • texture on the gun switch cover is improved.
  • Reworked outer tanks fill-up procedure to try to maintain equal distribution when partially filled.
  • Reworked fueling procedure to work with defueling (same for all WWII airplanes).
  • Engine fuel starvation tuned.
  • Identification lamp order is fixed.
  • Removed Take-Off assist as it doesn’t work for this aircraft

DCS: FW 190A-8 Anton and FW 190D-9 Dora by Eagle Dynamics

  • WGr. 21 is now fired in salvo only.
  • Reworked WGr. 21 tube jettison procedure.
  • WGr-21 derivation is set to 40 mils or 2 deg right.

DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed rocked distributor not receiving failure notifications.

DCS: WWII Assets Pack by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed AI crewman’s health stutter at 20% on the first shot.
  • Removed barrel blow effects for WWII units.
  • Added new units:
    • 105mm M2A1 towed field howitzer
    • Pak40 anti-tank gun
    • 10.5cm leFN field howitzer
    • Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe self-propelled gun


Spitfire IX The Big Show Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • Added second campaign on the Channel map
  • AI attack avoidance overridden
  • Mission 7 Channel map version added

P-51D: The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • AI attack avoidance overridden

Bf 109 K-4 Jagdflieger Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • AI attack avoidance overridden

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • AI attack avoidance overridden

DCS: P-47D Wolfpack Campaign by Reflected Simulations:

  • AI attack avoidance overridden

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